Black Mould Treatment

Sometimes called toxic black mould or technically Stachybotrys.


Black mould can be found forming on wet or damp plaster works. Cold damp places like window frames or window reveals. It will also be found in areas where a recent leak may have occurred leaving behind damp plaster.


This type of mould grows in colonies is often likened to an ice berg. What you can see of it on the surface is a fraction of the whole problem, it also grows and feeds on the glue which holds plaster board together and thrives in dark damp places.


Once it is noticed it is wise to clean with a mould cleaner or simply bleach. Always wear gloves and dispose of cloths or cleaning wipes into a sealed bag for the bin.


As the colony of mold expands it spreads through airborne migration to other parts of the property and can soon become a major problem. Unfortunately this type of mould once established is difficult to conquer without major works.Recent studies have linked this type of mould infestation with respiratory problems like asthma. Prolonged exposure to mold can cause tiredness/ nausea and in extreme cases lead to organ failure. It is not the mold itself which causes health problems but the mycotoxins released as the colony expands and grows. More detailed information is easily found on the internet.

The Recommended Treatment for Black Mould

  • Strip back the effected mold area and dispose of all infected materials until a sound clean substrate is found. All waste materials are securely sealed in plastic bags before being dispatched to landfill.
  • After stripping the area is sprayed with a suitable mould eradication chemical before the re fitting of plaster boards or insulation. Finally plastering and making good any areas effected .
  • ALL areas are then re painted and finished as required.

Please see photos below showing a wall which was effected by an overhead leak over a period of time.
The wall although damaged on the face of it was revealed the mold to be 100% worse once wall was stripped.


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