Home Insulation, Attic Insulation & Heat Retention in Dublin


Save money on heating costs this winter by getting your home properly insulated.


Home Insulation is a very effective way of reducing heating bills. Insulating the walls of your property and the attic will keep it warmer and reduce noise levels. We are a Dublin based company who specialise in insulation for internal walls and attic spaces.


The key benefits of insulating your home are:

  • Retain heat that usually escapes. Once installed the comfort and heat level in your home is instantly improved.
  • Good insulation throughout the house can reduce damp problems in the future. If damp is already a problem this should be fixed before insulation is fitted. Find out how we can help you with your damp problem.
  • Heating bills are reduced.
  • Carbon footprint is reduced.
  • Improve sound levels in the house.
  • It can also help improve your homes energy efficiency rating


Attic Insulation 

Attic insulation is a simple and effective way to reduce heat loss and reduce costs.
Attic insulation is available in 100mm 150mm and 200mm in fibre glass or eco friendly earth wool as a cost effective solution to heat loss.

40 % percent of heat loss in properties is through poor attic insulation. Older houses often have no insulation or where it is in place it has degraded to the point of non existence.


Our recommendations for attic insulation:

Current recommendations call for 300mm of insulation fitted in overlapping layers. Once insulation is fitted water tanks and exposed pipe works will need to be protected also. 


DIY Attic Insulation:

When using the D.I.Y option please remember that insulation should never be pushed down into eaves blocking the through flow of air through the attic space. Attic spaces need a flow of air to prevent problems such as dry rot and condensation under roof tiles. Also concealed lighting or down-lighters must never be covered to prevent risk of fire.


Thermal Imaging Cameras
We can identify and isolate any problem or faulty areas within the attic or any wall in your home or premises. Should we find any areas which require remedial works we can offer you advice or information on a range of cost effective treatments for your property or home insulation.


Money spent on home insulation is money wisely spent.


Have your home /property inspected today for 

∙Heat loss
∙Cold cells
∙Poor/faulty insulation


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