Property Management service in Dublin

Our high quality property management service aims to maintain properties to a high standard and generate maximum returns for your house or apartment.

During the letting service we will:

  • Organise your tenants and leases.
  • Maintain your property to the highest standard by addressing any property maintenance issues that may arise.
  • Communicate with the landlord at every step of the process.


Our hassle free approach handles all communication & responsibilities between the landlord and the tenants, this ensures your property is kept in pristine condition and organised and the rent to be paid on time.


Property management benefits:

Lower Costs
We maintain properties within a close range of our business, therefore if we can easily and quickly address and  resolve any issues a tenant may have.

Saving time:
We take the responsibility of all aspects of the property, tenants and maintenance so you can relax and focus on other business.

24/7 Coverage and Reliable Performance
We can maintain your property on a 24/7 basis. This includes plumbing , electrical services, repairs, damp repairs, painting, decorating and cleaning services.


We also provide a full property maintenance service for houses and apartments.
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