Rainwater Harvesting Service in Dublin

With the recent decision to impose a water charge upon domestic and residential properties it has become necessary to find ways to increase our use of water collection in the home. Rainwater harvesting service based in Dublin.


Rainwater harvesting can be used to supply toilets and cisterns for flushing.
A simple arrangement of 2 water feed with the ability to close off domestic supply and use the re cycled rain water is possible in most properties


A filtration system can be installed along with a solar powered pump to feed rain water into attic storage tanks during daylight hours.

With time and thoughtful planning washing machines/ dishwashers and all machinery using mains water can be readily supplied with free water there by reducing the charges which are in the process of being finalized.
In time the water usage within a property could be reduced by up to 80 % LEAVING only the mains water for cooking and kitchen use.


We have recently installed the system in some properties in Dublin to feed toilets using rainwater for flushing.


For a free no obligation survey/ quote for rainwater harvesting please contact Terry on 087 7740387 or email: terry@tcolemansystems.com

We are based in Dublin 6


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Rainwater harvesting services in Dublin
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