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What is rising damp?

Rising Dampness occurs when water is soaked up from the ground into the floor and walls of a property. Most modern houses are built with a damp-proof layer applied under the floors and within the walls to prevent the dampness getting through. If this layer is damaged it can lead to dampness problems.


How can it be fixed?

We thoroughly inspect the property and diagnose the cause of the rising damp problems in the floor or walls. We can then asses the best treatment for the damp problem. Some of our solutions include:

  • Replacement of damp-proof course
  • Injection of a liquid or cream chemical damp proof course (DPC Injection)


Replacement of the damp-proof course

A plastic damp-proof course can be installed into the walls of the effected areas. This provides a very effective barrier to the rising dampness, but is not widely used as it requires experienced contractors and is very cost effective and time consuming.


Injection of a chemical liquid damp proof course (DPC Injection)

Injection of a chemical liquid into bricks or mortar of the wall is a very common and effective method of treating rising damp.

Click here for more detailed information on how damp occurs: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damp_(structural)#How_rising_damp_occurs

Tips on dealing with rising damp and dry rot:



Dry Rot Treatments

We also provide a high quality dry rot treatment service. Click here to see our page about dry rot.


Free Damp Survey

We offer a free damp survey to properties in Dublin. One of our trained staff will arrive at your property and carry out an assessment of your damp problem. We can then determine the best treatment for the damp problem.


To book your free damp-proofing survey call Terry on 087 7740387 or email: terry@tcolemansystems.com


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