Woodworm Treatment Service based in Dublin

Woodworm is identified by lots of tiny holes appearing in clusters on floor boards or roof joists. There are a wide number and range of beetles and larvae which attack wood in both new and older properties.


Common causes of woodworm

The cause of woodworm is often a period piece of furniture or older item of timber brought into the premises and the migration of the parasite into untreated timbers.

In newer properties timbers used during construction would be pressure treated timbers to prevent this type of infection, however with the recent discovery of lax building controls in Ireland during the Celtic Tiger era.

Many homes and properties do not have pressure treated timbers and as such are exposed to this type of infestation. Wood worm infestation and eradication requires a meticulous approach to eliminate the problem and prevent further damage.


Treatment to fix the woodworm problem

Our effective wood worm solutions can include preservation of the timbers effected or the organised replacement of any timbers deemed as too badly infected.


The treatment consists of spraying all exposed timbers with a chemical eradication process and it is advisable that the occupants of the property vacate for a minimum of 24 hours after treatments.


Persons with respiratory problems are especially advised to stay away for the minimum period and in extreme cases a further 24 hours is advisable.


For a free no obligation survey/ quote please contact Terry on 087 7740387 or email: terry@tcolemansystems.com


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